Tips on Applying Patches

A custom-made patch brings your DIY apparel customization to the next level. It adds color, texture, and sophistication to your clothes, further boosting your clothes’ appeal. However, a patch is not just meant for aesthetics. One practical use of a patch is to cover a tear or hole in your shirt or pants. You can also affix a patch to make a statement or to pledge your support in a cause. The most common use of patches is for recognition or association. You can find such patches in school and company uniforms.

Here, at patches4less, we cater to different requests. You can order wholesale patches for whatever reason, be it for fundraising activity or for event souvenirs.

If you order in bulk from us, patches4less, the price of each patch drops. You can get one high quality patch for only a few dollars and opt to resell the remainder. Nevertheless, even if a patch doesn’t cost much, you don’t want to damage it and let your handful of dollars go to waste. Oftentimes, the cause of damages in a patch is the improper way of attaching it. Below are some handy tips in applying a patch on your clothes, not just for avoidance of damages but to ensure its long-lasting attachment.Productpatche

1. For iron on patches, make sure that your iron is set to dry setting.

Before pressing, preheat your iron then adjust the setting into dry. Never press your patch into your clothes with the steam setting. The steam setting moisturizes your clothes to smoothen the wrinkles. The moisture from an iron’s steam setting will cause an attachment problem. The moisture will be absorbed by the patch and fabric alongside the glue, making the glue less effective. This precaution is not just for embroidered patches but for rhinestone, sequin and vinyl patches as well.

If your iron is an old model, you won’t likely need this tip because most old models of irons only have dry setting. A lot of new iron models have dual settings: steam and dry. Nevertheless, there are also latest models that only have steam settings. Check your iron’s settings before attempting to attach a patch.

2. Don’t move your iron in a sliding or gliding motion.

When you press, move your iron in upward or downward way. It’s just like stamping in a slower and smoother pace. Don’t press your patch like your ironing wrinkly clothes. If you do, you risk spreading the glue and attaching your patch unevenly.

3. Place a heat-safe object in between your clothes and ironing board.

It could be a scrap of plywood, cardboard or any other stiff and flat object that can tolerate heat. Pressing a patch requires 20 to 30 seconds before you pull up your iron. The placement of a heat-safe object is intended to protect your ironing board’s coverings from such pressing.

4. Cover your patch with a cloth.

By doing so, you protect your patch from possible discoloration. You also avoid the threads in the patch from the possibility of getting burned.

5. Don’t press a patch that isn’t classified as iron on.

This is pretty much self-explanatory but some shoppers try to press non-iron-on patches, believing that this can improve the attachment of their patches. Unfortunately, the non-iron-on patches won’t. If you bought a tape-backed or Velcro-backed patch from patches4less, attach it the way it is supposed to be attached. A patch with tape backing is usually thin so it may get damaged easily when exposed to extreme heat. The Velcro in a Velcro-backed patch, on the other hand, may absorb the glue, making it difficult to affix the patch. Additionally, the back of a Velcro-backed patch is uneven. Once pressed, it may appear bumpy.

6. Sew your patch for a more secured attachment.

So here’s the solution if you want a more secured patch attachment with or without using an iron. After cooling a pressed iron on patch, sew the edges of the patch for better security. You can also do this for worn out Velcro-backed and tape-backed patches that you can buy here from us, patches4less.

Using Custom Coins For Special Occasions

People love to celebrate momentous life occasions and we at realize the need to make each and every celebration special and unique. As customary with every wedding, baptism, debut, birthday, anniversaries, corporate and commemorative events, souvenirs or tokens are given to guests as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for being present. It is a way of conferring appreciation to the guests who have spared time, effort and money to attend the affair.

Challenge CoinThe business of souvenirs is a thriving industry. The problem however is saturation and lack of unique choices. People are tired of the usual cliche designs and impractical items that are given during these events. We at know for a fact that most of these souvenirs are just thrown out after some time of gathering dust in the shelf. That is why we feel that more practical and unique choices should be laid out in the market.

The idea of using our custom coins for souvenir purposes is steadily becoming a trend. People are starting to become pickier and more aggressive when it comes to design. These days, when individuals don’t see the design that they want, their next option is to create their own.

Here are some great custom coin souvenir ideas for various occasions.

1. Boxed coin tokens

These are customized coins that can be placed in a special box or frame to commemorate a special event. The boxes can be made out of plastic, velvet, cloth or paper. The details of the event can be engraved in the coin along with the preferred color scheme. There are various metal styles to choose from, including polished gold, antique gold, polished silver, antique silver, black nickel, polished brass, antique brass, polished copper, antique copper or duo-tone. These are best used for corporate events, awarding, weddings, baptism, or any other formal event.

2. Keychain token

military coinsThere are several options to turn coins into key chains. A custom coin can be encased or strapped in a leather key holder, or a key chain attachment can be welded in the coin itself. The key chain designs can be leather, plastic, metal or any other available material. Even the shape can be customized if tired of the usual round. There’s square, oval, or avail of the custom cut option and have it in any shape desired. These most recommended for corporate events, birthdays, bachelor parties, house blessings, and other casual occasions.

3. Bottle opener coin

Here’s something that every man (or woman) can’t do without. A bottle opener is a very practical souvenir that surely won’t be thrown away but will most likely end up in the kitchen, the bag of camping equipment or even in the car compartment. has these in various shapes and sizes, from round, square, oval, triangular or your preferred cut. This is a great giveaway during birthdays, bachelor parties, fraternity celebrations, restaurant and bar events, concerts or other promotional events.

4. Pendant token

custom coinsCustom coins can be turned into a military-type dog tag, bag tag, or even jewelry type pendants or lockets. With the right size, shape and design, a simple coin can be turned into a very special and sentimental jewelry. We recommend using our diamond cut edges to add a look of elegance and beauty to the coins. This is a great souvenir for formal events, birthdays, debuts, anniversaries, weddings, or even as a gift to foreign guests.

These can be given as welcome token to guests or attendees. Both the front and the back side of the coin can be used, for more area of personalization. For instance, the front side can show a picture of the celebrator or a photo symbol while the back side can contain the text details of the event. Feel free to ask us for design options. We have a gallery full of designs you can use as reference.

Planning period

As we understand that big special events like these require a huge amount of planning and coordination, we suggest booking with us early. The processing of coins is done for a two-week period, starting from designing to actual production. To make sure your souvenirs are all dolled up and ready on your special day, be mindful of the period required to enable us enough time to work on its production.

We at also understand that canvassing for souvenirs is an essential part of the event planning, so feel free to drop us a line, email us or visit our website to request for a free quotation – no obligations!. Our staff would be more than willing to help out to make your souvenirs extra special. are supplying custom coins and challenge coins in different U.S. military, as well as to law enforcement agencies. – PCB Assembly 101

In a PCB assembly and production process, there are various stages that you need to follow. It’s necessary for all these stages to work together to establish an integrated operation. Each stage must correspond with the next, and a feedback from output to input must be observed to maintain optimal quality all throughout the process. This way, problems can be detected promptly and the process can be amended accordingly.

As your most reliable source of top quality and on-time PCBs, uses equipment of the highest caliber to assemble the boards. We use unique tools and special applications to accommodate today’s more challenging board requirements, and feature a Full TurnKey online system so that our customers can get their PCB quotes quickly, typically within the same day.

PCB Assembly Overview

The process of PCB assembly involves several stages including solder application, pick and place, soldering, inspection/QA and testing. Each of these processes is required and needs to be closely monitored to guarantee that the finished products are of the highest quality.

• Solder Paste Application

Before attaching the components to the board, solder paste should be added to the areas where soldering is needed. These areas are usually the pads of the components. Solder paste application is accomplished with the aid of a soldering screen.

The solder paste is a mixture of tiny grains and flux. This paste can be dispensed onto the proper areas using a method similar to a printing process. Place the screen directly on the board and position it in its proper place. Move the runner across the soldering screen while squeezing small amounts of paste through its holes and onto the PCB.

PCB Assembly

Since the screen has been created from the PCB files, it already has built-in holes on the locations of the pads. By depositing the paste through the holes, you can, thus, deposit it onto the solder pads.

At, we use a special tool to apply the solder paste. Instead of using a standard screen in printing or dispensing, we use a jetting technology, which allows the buildup of paste by small single dots to attain the correct amount for each pad.

• Pick and Place

After applying the solder, the board is then transferred to the pick and place station. This area has a machine filled with component reels. This machine picks up the components and places them on their proper position on the PCB. The tension of the paste holds the components in place once they are placed on the board.

If the board needs to be wave-soldered, the pick and place equipment adds a small amount of glue to fasten the components on its surface. Since glue is present in this type of method, it is more difficult to repair, in case it’s necessary.

• Soldering

PCBAfter the components are attached to the PCB, the next step is to pass the board through a wave-soldering machine. If wave-soldering is used, the application of solder paste is not necessary since the wave-soldering machine already provides the paste. This process, however, is not commonly used for SMT components but rather, reflow soldering methods are used by most PCB manufacturers these days.

• Inspection / QA

After accomplishing the soldering process, the boards are then subjected for inspection. SMT boards with hundreds of components are not manually inspected. Instead, they are inspected by means of an automatic optical inspection machine, which provides a more practical resolution. uses state-of-the-art inspection machines that can thoroughly inspect each PCB and detect flaws, such as poor joints and wrong or misplaced components.

• Testing

It is always necessary for the PCBs to go through the testing stage before taking them out to the factory for delivery. There are various methods that you can use in testing the boards. This usually includes a functional test wherein signals and power are delivered to simulate the operation of the electronic device where the board is to be used.

Pcb fabrication

This test will measure the board’s electrical characteristics including current, voltage and signal output that are compared with a reasonable range to decide whether it passes or not. Once the PCB passes the functional test, it is either packaged for shipment or assembled into the finished product.

• Feedback

To ensure that the assembly/production process operates satisfactorily, the outputs should be minutely monitored. Any detected failure must be investigated immediately as soon as the boards are in the inspection stage which comes right after the soldering process. Through this, flaws and defects are detected instantly and amended before many other boards are produced with the same issue.


The PCB assembly process is largely optimized to reduce the occurrence of board defects. This way, the highest quality is ensured for each product. We, at, understand that there are more challenges and demands in today’s PCB products, and that the assembly/production process is crucial to the success of the overall operation. Thus, we always employ the most reliable tools, equipment and staff to ensure we deliver quality and on-time products to all our customers.

Golf Drivers Buying Guide

A golf player, before going out and purchasing a golf driver, should be aware that this certain type of golf club is the single most expensive type out of all the clubs available. Before he makes a purchasing decision he would later regret, he should first be made aware of the things to consider when buying golf drivers.

To help, here is a simple guide on choosing golf drivers:

Identifying the Material

There are different kinds of materials to choose from in selecting golf drivers. The majority of the drivers saw today however heads that is made from titanium, carbon composite have or a mix of the two. These materials are chosen because they are substantially lighter than steel, which is the common material for woods. Using titanium or carbon composite permits the golf driver makers to create a club with a very bulky head. This is done to make the sweet spot of the head bigger.

Looking at Club Head Design

Golf driversThis is one of the things that should be considered carefully because the club head design covers various aspects such as the size of the head and the weight or volume. More often than not, the golf drivers in the market these day shave a volume that maximizes the allowable legal club head volume of 460 cm3. This legal limit is set by the USGA, one of the ruling authorities of golf. The larger club head improves drive consistency of the average player. Smaller golf driver heads, which falls around 380 to 410 cm3 though may not produce the same strength, offer the players with more control over their swings.

Deciding on Loft

The loft of the golf drivers pertain to the degree of which the face of the club head stands in relations to the shaft. The common loft seen in a golf driver is around 8 to 13 degrees. A high estimate of 90% of the total golf driver users choose the clubs with a loft of 9 to 11 degrees. This is the safe choice for players who have neither fast nor slow swing speed.

To understand better, the player should know that a golf driver with a lower loft provides a lower trajectory. This is great when the player has a high rate of swing speed because the capabilities of the golf driver are maximized. On the other hand, golf players with slower swing speed should consider getting the golf driver with a higher loft, about 12 to 13 degrees. This will allow the club face to aid the ball in being launched more easily and smoothly.

Selecting a Shaft

GolfMost of the golf driver manufacturers prefer graphite shaft to steel, because graphite is more lightweight. For the shaft, the common aspects considered are the sturdiness and the overall length. There are three kinds of shafts available. The first is the stiff flex shaft. This type offers more accuracy but only for players who have a high rate of swing speed. The next type of shaft is the light flex shaft. This one gives of a whippier feeling when used. The light flex shaft favours the techniques and swing speed of players with below average speed and strength. The commonly used shaft is the regular flex shaft. It is a shaft in between two aforementioned flex shafts. Aside from the three common flex shafts, there is also the senior flex, ladies flex, and the extra-stiff flex shaft. All of these depend on the swing speed of the player.

Here are just a few things to look out for when purchasing a golf driver. A player should also consider being fitted for a golf driver so that the club would match the height, weight, and balance of the player.

Author Bio:
In golf, your skills and the kind of playing equipment you are using are key factors in the trajectory and the landing of your golf ball. Golf club designs are usually patented, especially if they are made by brand name companies. Click here you can get the best Golf driver.

Tips in Buying Long Island Homes for Sale


Buying long island homes for sale is just like buying property anywhere else in the country, when you look at it in the general aspect. It can be chaotic, you will be faced with a lot of options you did not expect in the first place, you need to look at so many prices and consider so many aspects that it can easily become so overwhelmingly difficult to make decisions, especially if it is your first time.

Do not worry, though; here, we will be discussing the most important things you should keep in mind when you are considering buying one of the long island homes for sale. These things are not ordinarily shared with a lot of home buyers, but they are still very important considerations.

Before buying, remember that your credit score is important. You have probably heard this one countless of times, and here you will hear it again. Your credit score is a significant factor when buying one of the long island homes for sale in the market.


Before you start looking for a Long Island home, try to improve your credit score first. Improving your credit score simple requires you to pay your bills on or before the deadline, and requires you to keep your debt payments as current as possible. When you have a very high credit score, your rate of interest will be very low.

This, in effect, will make your mortgage payments smaller if you look at it in the long run. On the other hand if your credit score is not that good, which means that it falls below 660 points, your interest rate will not experience any deductions.

If your credit score is below 660 yet is still above 580, you are still eligible for an FHA loan. This will not be much, but it will save you money.

Aside from improving your credit score, you should also make improvements on your savings. Have you saved some money aside from the one you aim to use for your purchase? Even though mortgages are loans, it is still important that you have your own saved money to begin with.

The things where you will spend the most amount of money include your down payment and your closing costs. When we say down payment, it refers to how much of the cost of the home you intend to buy you are going to pay upfront. The rest of the amount is the mortgage.

Closing costs are the services and fees that you must pay when you get a mortgage.

mortgageWhen you make a large down payment, your loan is reduced. The opposite happens when your down payment is small. Normally, the recommended down payment is twenty percent of the total cost of the house, but this is not a strictly imposed rule and can change depending on what you and the seller agree on.

When your credit score is good and you are essentially good to go in looking for long island homes for sale, the thing you have to watch out for is your spending capacity. Ask yourself how much you are actually able to spend on a home. Looking at an eight bedroom mansion when you can only afford to buy a two bedroom home is just wasting time.

In order to stop making impulsive decisions, think first of how much of your life you are actually willing to invest in your home. Are you actually planning to live there for the rest of your life? Do you intend to raise a family there? Do you think the neighborhood is good enough for long term settlement?

Never forget these tips when you look for the best Long Island home. If you want more help, you can always consult with a real estate specialist in the area to assist you.

What Makes Certain Motivational Speakers The Perfect Choice?

We understand that choosing among a sea of self-proclaimed motivational speakers is not an easy task, especially when you do it on behalf of a meticulous business organization with really high expectations and standards. It is hard to make the wrong choice in front of a boss, but it is even harder to fail hundreds or even thousands of expecting audience. How can you make sure that you choose the right motivational speaker then?

Follow these fool-proof tips and successfully weed out the unreliable motivational speakers from your list.

1. He keeps high-profile clients.

Motivational SpeakerIt is absurd for a motivational speaker to remain low profile and keep low profile clients when his ultimate goal is to cross geographical and industrial boundaries in spreading his message. A motivational speaker ultimately aims to motivate, after all.

What you should start looking for is a speaker with a long roster of impressive clientele, preferably composed of leading brands and multinational companies. You are very likely safe with a speaker who has been trusted by other industry leaders.

2. He has been featured in the media.

The great motivational speakers always get noticed by the media. By that, it means some of the most popular media organizations, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and Forbes.

All motivational speakers try to employ some sort of publicity arm, but you have to admit, the good ones can never land on mainstream media without impressive credentials.

3. He provides customized content based on the demand.

Some substandard speakers are so limited by what they know and what they can say that they have to stick with the same script over and over again regardless of the client’s needs, the type of audience, and the type of event. That kind of strategy may work with a commencement speaker but definitely not with a motivational speaker.

A great choice can always customize his speech and program according to the demands of the clients. He makes sure that everything, down to the last detail, is tailored fit to his audience. He knows that it is his job to truly help his audience in every possible way he can, so he treats every speaking engagement like a new one.

4. He is a flexible speaker who can handle any type of event.

Public SpeakersWhile some speakers are only confident and comfortable with handling audience that they are familiar with, a really good speaker accepts any challenge even if that means going out of his comfort zone. He can motivate people of all social class, race, and demographics, be it a stay-at-home mom or a company CEO. Motivation, after all, is free for everyone.

Avoid dealing with speakers who can only promise outstanding results with selected types of audience. That only shows how limiting their competence is.

5. He covers a broad range of topics.

Motivational speakers naturally have their own field of specialization. All of the famous speakers have. However, establishing a name in a particular niche should not prevent them from effectively covering other related topics as well. That is why they are known to share wisdom and not just impart knowledge.

The most flexible speakers should at least be able to handle the commonly demanded topics, such as leadership, change management, communication, team building, customer service, sales, and sales management.

6. He has other written materials to reach more audience.

If you have not noticed, the most popular speakers all either have written an inspirational and motivational book or ebooks, or have released an album or audio-book. That shows how broad their markets are, which subsequently shows how much trust they get from the public.

7. He has humor.

Keynote speakerHumor nowadays is already considered a necessity for speakers. People have short attention span, so they are constantly looking for ways to get entertained while getting motivated at the same time. You better choose a speaker who integrates humor in his speeches very well unless you like to see an audience dosing off and chatting with one another instead of listening intently.

8. He works with a team of professional event organizers, production specialists, and researchers.

A good motivational speaker never works alone. He always has a competent team to back him up and take care of matters that he should not be focusing on. Your event may just fail if you will hire a speaker who has to take care of everything, from researching to coordinating for the event itself.

9. He is not afraid to show samples of his work.

A confident speaker is not afraid to show how good he is in his craft. Aside from having videos on his personal social media accounts, he should also have sample works in his own website that potential clients can use as reference.

10. He is motivational.

What else can summarize his competence but this? If he cannot motivate you to hire him, don’t.

Motivational speaker can help the general determination of your agents and awaken them to make strides. To get more idea about inspirational motivational speaker click here

Why Order Lapel Pins for Your Company

Pins communicate a lot of message when you wear one. Furthermore, this can help boost a company’s marketing scheme and communicate a good image about a certain issue.

The first one would be the function to communicate and to generate concern and reputability.

For example, you might want to create a pin that has an image of the flag of the United States. Or you can create a pin that displays a tree and a statement that reads, “Save the Trees” or “Save the World, Plant Trees”. Perhaps you would want to create a lapel pin to generate awareness about a certain disease or a gender equality issue.

lapel pins

There are many uses of a lapel pin, and you can utilize its potential in your own marketing campaign.

Second, you can use a lapel pin to help employees to identify with your brand. Your employees must be able to understand the product that they are selling. It is said that there are three processes in order for a marketer to successfully understand the positioning of a brand: they need to hear it, believe it and live it.

Attaching a lapel pin in an employee’s collar can help boost an employee’s pride. One good tactic would be is to designated a pin design specifically for each of your office department. The offer of an attractive and stylish lapel pin that your employees get to wear wherever they go achieves two goals:

(1) the physical image of the pin enables the employee to hear and believe the brand, and also

(2) by seeing the lapel pin and attaching it to themselves, they gain the ability to live the brand.

Last but not the least, lapel pins can help in boosting your company’s customer service.

Everybody loves free items. When you are dealing with a client or a bunch of customers, giving away an item always wins the hearts of people. Making statements like, “We’re glad to be of service to you sir” can be a little too bland without an accessory like lapel pins. By giving out an item, you send out a message to your client that you do understand their pain, that you will do everything you can to be of service to them, and that you are willing to make up with anything that could ease their problems.

For example, you own a restaurant, and a customer complained about the service that you are giving. Perhaps she found something odd with the food or that it has taken a long time for her orders to be served. A lapel pin is a small token for their troubles with your product. Giving away money to customers is a big no-no; they would think that you are bribing them. So, you need to make up for your mistakes by presenting them not with cash but with a visual item such as a badge, corporate mug, umbrella, or a stylish and state-of-the-art lapel pin. In modern times, the effort of packaging and shipping off even just a small souvenir can convey a remarkable statement.

Lapel pins are part of traditional branding that has been passed down from generations to generations. But nowadays, people have seen the revival of it especially in remedying important issues and problems for clients. Aside from giving away gifts like a lapel pin, corporations are now giving away free movie passes, gift certificates, cakes, delicacies, and concert tickets.

So what are you waiting for? Look around your neighbourhood and look up information on the best lapel pin manufacturer around and consider ordering in bulk if you need a couple of pins for a promotional campaign.