Why Order Lapel Pins for Your Company

Pins communicate a lot of message when you wear one. Furthermore, this can help boost a company’s marketing scheme and communicate a good image about a certain issue.

The first one would be the function to communicate and to generate concern and reputability.

For example, you might want to create a pin that has an image of the flag of the United States. Or you can create a pin that displays a tree and a statement that reads, “Save the Trees” or “Save the World, Plant Trees”. Perhaps you would want to create a lapel pin to generate awareness about a certain disease or a gender equality issue.

lapel pins

There are many uses of a lapel pin, and you can utilize its potential in your own marketing campaign.

Second, you can use a lapel pin to help employees to identify with your brand. Your employees must be able to understand the product that they are selling. It is said that there are three processes in order for a marketer to successfully understand the positioning of a brand: they need to hear it, believe it and live it.

Attaching a lapel pin in an employee’s collar can help boost an employee’s pride. One good tactic would be is to designated a pin design specifically for each of your office department. The offer of an attractive and stylish lapel pin that your employees get to wear wherever they go achieves two goals:

(1) the physical image of the pin enables the employee to hear and believe the brand, and also

(2) by seeing the lapel pin and attaching it to themselves, they gain the ability to live the brand.

Last but not the least, lapel pins can help in boosting your company’s customer service.

Everybody loves free items. When you are dealing with a client or a bunch of customers, giving away an item always wins the hearts of people. Making statements like, “We’re glad to be of service to you sir” can be a little too bland without an accessory like lapel pins. By giving out an item, you send out a message to your client that you do understand their pain, that you will do everything you can to be of service to them, and that you are willing to make up with anything that could ease their problems.

For example, you own a restaurant, and a customer complained about the service that you are giving. Perhaps she found something odd with the food or that it has taken a long time for her orders to be served. A lapel pin is a small token for their troubles with your product. Giving away money to customers is a big no-no; they would think that you are bribing them. So, you need to make up for your mistakes by presenting them not with cash but with a visual item such as a badge, corporate mug, umbrella, or a stylish and state-of-the-art lapel pin. In modern times, the effort of packaging and shipping off even just a small souvenir can convey a remarkable statement.

Lapel pins are part of traditional branding that has been passed down from generations to generations. But nowadays, people have seen the revival of it especially in remedying important issues and problems for clients. Aside from giving away gifts like a lapel pin, corporations are now giving away free movie passes, gift certificates, cakes, delicacies, and concert tickets.

So what are you waiting for? Look around your neighbourhood and look up information on the best lapel pin manufacturer around and consider ordering in bulk if you need a couple of pins for a promotional campaign.